Conzin Co., Ltd. was established in July, 1980 with a capital of one million New Taiwan dollars. In 1990, the company was transformed as Conzin Industrial Co., Ltd. with its capital increased to be twenty-five million New Taiwan dollars.

Conzin is a company specializing in producing dental flosses and cotton swabs. The products are widely recognized since Conzin provides a great variety of customized packages and styles with high quality. Therefore, Conzin was serving as an OEM factory for celebrated Japanese brands and broke into the international market in this way.

Conzin upholds the belief, “Quality is the priority” and “Customer is always right” to educate the staff. The company is running its business based on the concept of sustainable management to satisfy customers with affordable prices and enthusiastic services.


  • baby safety swab
  • cotton swabs (paper stick and PP stick)
  • dental floss pick
  • Toothpick brush
  • Print and package

Company History

  • 1980 July Conzin Industrial Co., Ltd. started at Peitou, Taipei with a capital of one million Yuan. During this initial period of establishment, sales were difficult as the general work manners were formed.
  • 1986 February Capital increment reached five million Yuan. The growth of the domestic market went sky-high and the business was even spread overseas. Orders from Japan, Europe and America came in one after another.
  • 1987 December To prevent environmental hazard caused by plastic rods, our company invested in machinery and paper materials which were imported from Switzerland. We were the first to create rolled-paper rod cotton swabs to reduce environmental pollution, and raise the quality of living.
  • 1990 March Heading towards a capitalized market, the capital increment reached 25 million Yuan. At the same time, our company adjusted the system and changed the company name to Conzin Industrial Co., Ltd. Our company started to invest in the production of floss picks, dental floss, cotton pads, and disposable medical appliances
  • 1993 Purchased Tamshui Factory, with an area of approximately 600 pings (2000 square meters).
  • 1995 Get rid of the old and replace with the new". Our company once again introduced the automatic cotton swab making machines from Germany to meet with the shortage in labor and market requirements. Our company pursued exquisite package designing, to meet with the level of high quality, and to satisfy the various requirements of the consumers.
  • 1996 January With the affirmation of excellent quality, our company received large OEMs from a well known manufacturer from Japan, and stepped into the Japan market with a self-owned brand.
  • 1999 To reduce operation impact, our company's constitution was radically changed, and we introduced the ISO quality control system.
  • 2001 Our products were popularized through the internet, and we received long-term purchase orders from clients of Europe, America and Japan.
  • 2003 With the expansion of machinery equipment, additional purchasing of automatic floss pick machines, we established Tamshui Factory #2.
  • 2004 Designed and developed multi-function floss picks, obtained many new-type patents, and received approval and the support from clients
  • 2006 We did multi-operation in business with investment in the manufacture and sales of various automatic floss pick machines. The products competed with the ones of advanced countries with reasonable prices, and were deeply received compliments from clients.
  • 2008 Because of the rising Chinese economy, the demands for high quality products were required. Our company spared no effort to exploit the market and acquired initial achievements.

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    New Taipei City 251,Taiwan(R.O.C.)
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  • E-mail:conzinho@ms19.hinet.net
  • English dedicated phone line: Robert+886-978-334-459
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